Educational Programming


The curriculum is tailored to offer a comprehensive yet accessible introduction to real estate investment for novice investors.  In 2015, 12 NBA players matriculated through the inaugural symposium. D3N9 will follow up with an introductory Capital Markets and Investment Symposium to a broader audience of athletes in June 2016.




The dinner series facilitates intimate interactions between a curated list of prominent business leaders and elite athletes and entertainers. We target entrepreneurs, investors and executives who are thought leaders that have obtained unrivaled success in their discipline and have leveraged their accomplishments to impact the greater world around them. We target athletes and entertainers who epitomize excellence on, and off of, their respective stages. They are influencers who are culturally resonant and socially impactful beyond the world of sports/entertainment.

The dinner series creates a mutual beneficial connections that can engender philanthropic, professional and investment opportunities. The confluence of the two networks yields an incredible combination of access and expertise. We host the Dinner Series in gateway cities that are intellectual, creative and commercial hubs. Our selected cities for the 2016 Dinner Series are New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago.